The Original Water Bottle

When you’re looking for a clean, green, reusable and indestructible drink bottle Nalgene could be it.

Nalgene (originally Nalge Company) began crafting it’s products back in 1949 in Rochester, New York. A young chemist by the name of Emmanuel Goldberg was the original developer.The first product was actually a pipette used purely for laboratory use. How times have changed.

500ml Everyday Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

An array of laboratory equipment was designed and developed by the team until 1970. In 1970 the then president of the company, Marsh Hyman, noticed the use of his products for external uses. Many scientists were taking these Nalgene out of the labs and using them for water storage on day trips and the like.

The idea caught on and people started using these bottles to store dry goods, shampoo, oils etc etc. The brand naturally evolved out of the lab and turned into a practical consumer product.

The real turning point was when Hyman’s son, an avid boy scout, started using the products out on the trail. He and his fellow scouts used the Nalgene lab bottles to hold and separate all their different camping supplies.

On seeing this, Hyman decided that the word was to be spread. He went to the speciality department inside the business and set them a new mission. The mission was: “Spread the word to outdoors people all over! Tell them about this new line of high quality camping equipment.”

Now looks look a little closer at what Nalgene are and what Nalgene are not.

Nalgene Are Not…

– A fashion item.
– Stylish and/or trendy.
– Winning design awards.
– Impressive to your girlfriend.

So what are Nalgene water bottles then?

Nalgene Water Bottles Are …

– Strong
– Practical
– Functional
– Very Well Priced
– Durable
– BPAF Free
– Tried & Tested
– Used In All Conditions
– Wide Mouth For Easy Storage of Dry Goods.
– Life Time Guarantee