Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Another amazing brand out in the market is Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen started back in 2002 by the inventor and founder Robert Seals. Robert was a thinker and an innovator and noticed that there were no stainless steel bottles on the market. He started putting together a few basic designs from bits and pieces that that he bought at the local hardware store.

In 2004, Robert hit the market with the awesome 27oz Klean Kanteen water bottle. The whole idea of this product was to give people an alternative to plastic. Aluminum bottles were marketed as being a safe, healthy, lightweight, reusable, BPA free alternative to plastic. Robert tested the market by sharing his bottles with people at sporting events and festivals.

In 2005 Klean Kanteen was taken over by the Cresswell family. The Cresswell family really took Klean Kanteen to the next level. They improved upon the original design and started expanding on the limited product line.

In Klean Kanteen’s favor, worldwide media started reporting about the danger of BPA. This was perfect for Klean Kanteen as consumers everywhere searched for a plastic alternative.

The office phone rang non-stop at this time for the company and business boomed. More and more “anti-plastic” reports hit the international news and this further increased business for the company.

Apart from Klean Kanteen caring for the health of the population, they also take the next step, they care for the planet. Strongly ingrained in the business philosophy is environmental protection and conservation. Everything Klean Kanteen does is done in the most environmentally way possible.

In 2008 the company joined One Percent For The Planet and donates at least 1% of their annual income to non profits to promote the health of the planet.

All in all, Klean Kanteen are a small family owned and run business in northern California with over 30 years of history. They strive to produce excellent, ethical products that are functional and look great. Simplicity, affordability, safety & quality are just a few words that the company aligns with.

I like to keep things simple and uncluttered, forgetting about the bells and whistles and look at the facts. Back in 2002, Klean Kanteen introduced their “Classic”, which mind you remains to this day as one of the best water bottles in the world. This 18/8 stainless steel water bottle is completely free of BPA, phthalates, lead or other toxins.

It really has become an iconic product in the world of water bottles and recognised for it’s durability and performance. It comes in multiple colours and cap designs. Choose your own colour, but take my advice and get the sports cap, it is so easy to use. The sports cap is also leak resistant and quieter ( no slurping please). One of the awesome things is that these water bottles also fit in most cup holders and have a lifetime warranty!