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Business owners, and especially businesses that have a brick and mortar presence where customers can visit and purchase your products and services, should take note: Google has revamped its business recommendation tool and repackaged it as Google HotPot.

So what is Google HotPot? It’s an extension of Google Places, a Google Product where you can promote your business and business location.

Now, you may be saying, “Not another tool we need to spend a ton of time on!” If you are, don’t worry. Google HotPot could be very instrumental in directing traffic to your business, but if you have been keeping up with recent online trends this shouldn’t add much more, if any, work to your plate.

An extension of Google Places? Well what does that mean? Google HotPot is the revamp section of Places where local business ratings and recommendations are entered and displayed. Google has rebranded it and updated it in the hopes that by making it easier to access more and more Internet users will come to HotPot to not only write reviews, but to also go to find reviews and recommendations to make a purchasing decision.