First Meeting – Students for Clean Water

Students for Clean Water is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin dedicated to ending the world’s water crisis

The first Students for Clean Water meeting at UT will be this Thursday night from 7-8pm in Parlin 101. Come to hear about how you can get involved in solving the world’s water crisis!

Our first meeting went incredibly well. Thanks to all who came out to learn how to be a part of what we are doing on campus!  It all started with our table. Thanks to all of you who stopped by and listened to what we had to say.

20 people showed up to contribute ideas on how we are going to raise $20,000 and we wrote letters to our senators.

John Coryn and Kay Biley Hutcehson, in approximately 3-5 days you will be learning about why we think you should care about the world water crisis.

Thanks to Jon Quitty for the following graphic.  Feel free to make it your profile picture and share it with everyone you can.

Can’t wait to see you on Thursday night in Parlin 101 from 7-8pm!  Also, be looking for us on campus this week.  Gabby Gonzalez wanted to use her love for cooking to raise money, so come buy some of her baked goods so that people can drink clean water!

Love you all more than life itself.