Fast Food Refuses to Give Water to Children?

I know it sounds too surreal to be true! It is very true though. I experienced it first hand in 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature (37c). Taco Bell refused to serve or sell water during a heat wave by a school to myself and dehydrated high school students.

If you contact Taco Bell they will tell you that they have always given out water. This is sadly VERY untrue. They (the location of topic) were not distributing water in ANY form for the month of September. If you did not drink soda you were out of luck. I have heard the Manager of the store say contrary as well. I do not know why they are claiming this.

During this past month of September 2017 in a full blown heat wave here in the Austin area at least one Taco Bell has refused to give and or sell water to children right by a school.

Every day they get out of school, spend their money at the Taco Bell while they wait to be picked up. Taco Bell will only SELL them caffeine infested, fattening soda that will not help them with their dehydration one bit. And if the children have no money they start to beg for money to get soda.

This is not a matter of Taco Bell charging for the cup. Taco Bell is REFUSING to sell or give any water to those poor children. If your child goes to North Hollywood High and you would like to help in this cause please do some or all of the following…

It is not illegal to refuse to serve water. It is unbelievable that we might actually have to pass a law because of Taco Bell to make them serve water in a state that lays claim to being a healthy state. We have a call in with a State Assemblyman who is currently double checking the legalities of this issue so that we can push it forward.

About Our Protest…

On Monday Oct 13th between 2pm and 6pm we had scheduled picketing in front of the Taco Bell on Magnolia and Colfax.

Although Taco Bell has agreed already resolved this issue we are not entirely canceling this. Taco Bell has told me they will hand out coupons to try and compensate their upset customers and bring this to an end (Not their words).

Protesting will be done in a 100% peaceful manor. All protesting must be done on the sidewalk off Taco Bell property. 100% access to the restaurant must be allowed to the store. Entrances will not be blocked. Bring your own signs!!