About Us

Students for Clean Water and Google have teamed up to bring clean water to schools in developing countries.

Students for Clean Water is a student-run organization at the University of Texas dedicated to ending the world’s water crisis.  We are a group of students that is furious that there are people in this world who are unable to have access to clean water, and we are working to improve their situation.

Join the movement.  Meetings are in Parlin 101 on Thursday nights from 7-8pm.

Our first event of the semester, the charity: water pancake party, was a huge success!  Hundreds of people showed up to eat pancakes to give people clean water.  We raised over $1,500 that night.

This semester, we are raising $20,000 to give a school in a developing country clean water.  You can help us do this by donating at our campaign page.

The registration and rating period ends March 10. That day, Google’s going to host a celebration for UT students for all their rating efforts and announce the total amount raised. Stay tuned for more party details as we get closer to the date (in fact, if you register, we’ll shoot an invite directly to your inbox).

But before we can party, we’ve got some work to do. Sign up, start rating the places you’ve been on Hotpot, and help us give clean water to people in developing countries.

Say what? You think you can rate 100 places by the end of this whole thing? Do ya? Come on, we dare you!