Is Your Tap Water Completely Safe to Drink?

One of the more recent examples of why municipally treated water is not quite potable can be found in a town in Massachusetts.

In a recent article found in the, Milford, MA is the beneficiary of a new water filter. The town has been getting its water from a private water utility called the Milford Water Company. This water filter has not come too soon as the EPA has been pressuring the company to do something about increased levels of THM’s or trihalomethanes that have been found in the water.

This is a serious concern as this toxin can cause health problems for those that are exposed to it over a prolonged period of time. Now that the water company has installed a “carbon sandwich filter”, tests on the water reveal that the THM levels are now within state standards. State standards? I’m sorry, but there should be no acceptable level of contaminants found in water that is used by the general public.

It’s safe to assume that many of the residents in this town, and all across the U.S. drink tap water. They assume that the water that their city is providing them is good enough to drink. Most assumptions are bad, especially ones that can affect your health. Those in charge with providing clean water to residents of the average city might have the best of intentions. They might be doing all they can to provide the best water possible. Does this mean that it’s good enough?

Residents of Milford know that it’s not good enough as they have become aware of their town’s water issues. Hopefully other cities and towns will try to become more proactive about water filtration maintenance.

These concerns will obviously make people consider other alternatives. Hopefully people will opt out of the bottled water choice. The most ideal option is a home water filter. Why settle for almost healthy water? Drinking water should be as clean and pure as possible. You should be going out of your way to find the best water filter that you can.

While the average American has access to much cleaner water than residents of many third world nations, it still does not mean that it is completely safe to drink. It should go without saying that the quality of the water that you drink is just as important as the act of drinking it.

So don’t take any chances. Filter your water right at the point of use – your kitchen’s faucet.